For this first edition, the professional program will be only in French. Translation into English will be available for 2022 onwards.


Accreditations are open to:

  • Professionals of series production, publishing, and their related activities
  • To the press

They give access to:

  • All the official screenings, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies
  • To the professional meetings
  • To the Publishers’ Market for accredited participants who have chosen this option
  • The opening cocktail for professionals only, on Thursday, November 18th
  • Masterclasses for the public, subject to availability on the day

Professional accreditations:

Option 1 - 50 euros

Professional accreditation not including the Publisher’s Market

Option 2 - 80 euros

Professional accreditation with access to the Publisher’s Market.

A cocktail lunch will be held on Friday, November 19.

Please note that the access to the Publishers’ Market is only available for professionals of the production, distribution and broadcasting of series.

Press and photographers accreditations:

Please contact Sophie Bataille by sending an email with your detailed request and all your contact information to:


Application for professional accreditation