Call for Series 2024

The selected series can be scheduled either in competition or out of competition.


The selected series in competition will compete for 4 awards :

Best Series Adapted from a Literary Work Award
Best Performance Award
Best Directing Award
Audience Award


Applications are open until September 15, 2024.


Preselection Criteria :

Series faithfully or freely adapted from a literary work

Novel, essay, comic book, manga, letter, play, webtoon, …

New series / new season

A new series can be selected either in competition or out of competition,
A new season can only be selected out of competition.

Series or season not yet aired in France

Excluding screenings at festivals and/or private events.

Fiction or documentary
Live-action or animation
All age groups

Series recommended for children under 6 years old cannot be selected for competition, 
They can be presented in youth screenings, out of competition.

Any nationality
Episodes of 20 minutes or more are eligible for selection in competition or out of competition.
Episodes under 20 minutes can only be presented out of competition.
Presentation of the first 2 episodes for episodes of 40 minutes or more
Presentation of the first 4 episodes for episodes under 40 minutes
French and/or English subtitles available


Submit your series

The following items should be sent to

Technical details (synopsis, nationality, number of episodes, creative team, production, distribution, broadcasting…)
Title and author of the literary work from which the series is adapted
Link to watch the season or at least the first two episodes
Contact information