REVIEW the 2020 edition

FROM NOVEMBER 18 TO 21, 2021


The series selected will either be programmed in Competition or out of Competition.


  • The series must be adapted faithfully or freely from a literary work
    Novel, comic book, manga...

  • The literary work from which the series has been adapted must be available in French

  • Must be a new series or new season

  • Series or season must be unreleased in France at the date of the screening
    Excluding screenings at festivals and/or private events

  • First 2 episodes must be submitted for episodes of 40 minutes and more

  • First 4 episodes must be submitted for episodes under 40 minutes

  • Any genre can be submitted

  • Any age category can be submitted

  • Any nationality can be submitted

  • Must have French and/or English subtitles

Required elementsto apply

  • Technical specifications
    Synopsis, country of origin, number of episodes, creative team, production, distribution, broadcasting...)

  • Title and author of the literary work from which the series originates

  • Screening link for the season or, at least, the first two episodes

  • Contact information


The series selected in Competition will compete for 4 prizes:

  • Best Series adapted from a literary work Award
  • Best Performance Award
  • Best Director Award
  • Audience Choice Award